Researchers Gather to Discuss New Year’s Development
On February 8, 2018, “2018 Zijin Think Tank Researchers’ Appointment and Seminar on New Type of Think Tank” was held in Nanjing University. Senior researchers, general researchers from Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University and 3 specially-hired researchers attended the meeting, jointly discussed and promoted the development of think tank for the new year. During the seminar, researchers spoke out freely to express their ideas and advice for the New Year’s development, and a new round of researchers’ appointment was also conducted. 

Professor Zhou Xiaohong, director of Zinjin Media Think Tank (ZMT), reviewed major achievements made in 2017. He pointed out that ZMT has gained many research outputs last year, including research on the Cognition of Occupational Annuity System in Jiangsu Province (cooperated with China Life Pension Company Limited Jiangsu Branch), project of Innovation Vitality Index of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area (cooperated with Nanjing Jiangbei New Area), the 3rd year’s release of China’s Economic Confidence Index Report, and Forum on Social Contradictions and Social Governance (jointly held with Nanjing Municipal Letters and Visits). All these achievements have been recognized by co-operating institutions and have gained social influence through media. Professor Zhou said, in the work of 2018, ZMT should not only improve and normalize its long-term and fundamental research, such as China’s Economic Confidence Index Report, but also learn from other think tanks’ strong points to offset its weakness when provides ideas and advice for government. 
Zhou Xiaohong
Director of Zinjin Media Think Tank

Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholar

In November 2016, ZMT firstly employed a batch of researchers including senior ones from several schools of Nanjing University and other famous universities, building its talent research team, carrying out research work and actively providing research reports for the government. In order to further attract more experts in different fields to join ZMT and make better suggestions on government affairs, ZMT employed specially-hired researchers for the first time. The first batch includes Liu Weilan, former deputy research director of Jiangsu Provincial People’s government, Gao Hua, former deputy department level inspector of Legislative Affairs Office of provincial government, Guo Jiangling, former senior editor of Xinhua Daily and other experts. Having rich experiences of offering advice and suggestions for the government, the specially-hired researchers can better integrate resources, maintain a standard for research subjects, and guide researchers who are mainly university scholars to promote localization of ZMT. In addition, 13 professors from Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University were employed as senior researchers, and 12 young scholars from Nanjing University, Xinhua Newspaper Group and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation as general researchers.
Specially-hired Researchers of ZMT
Senior Researchers of ZMT
General Researchers of ZMT
During the following seminar on the new type of think tank, all researchers fully discussed ZMT’s development orientation, choice of research subjects, integration of talent resources, and extension of products marketing, which aims to offer advice and suggestions for the development of ZMT in this year.